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VIVA Creates the “AFLAC Nation” in Washington, DC

VIVA worked in collaboration with AFLAC, our longtime partner, to bring their annual sales conference to our Nation’s Capital. AFLAC envisioned a gathering that would be a rallying call for the AFLAC Nation, inspiring confidence and commitment for the year ahead. VIVA transformed this aspiration into a creative event design, re-creating the most inspiring elements … Continued

VIVA Unveils 2019 Ram HD at North American International Auto Show

Jan. 14, 2019 at Cobo Center in Downtown Detroit     VIVA is honored to have supported Fiat Chrysler Automobiles in the official debut of three new RAM trucks. Building from FCA’s creative vision, VIVA engineered and built a sophisticated scenic environment with full automation. An innovative LED wall was designed to slide open, swing open, … Continued

Customized Attendee Journey Mapping

What will your audience think, feel, and do before, during, and after your event? We help you to answer these questions through attendee journey mapping. Our team of strategists, researchers, and designers dig into your goals, objectives, and key messages to help you develop an attendee journey that delivers on your intended outcomes. Using design … Continued

Mobile 3D Printing

At VIVA, we are huge fans of prototyping and testing creative concepts. Sometimes, certain ideas just can’t be visualized without actually… existing! There’s a cart for that! Our 3D Printing cart allows teams to model ideas in real-time. From set design and staging to customized swag and creative activation, the ability to print sophisticated 3D models enable us … Continued

Meet Our Mobile Design Cart

Looking for design inspiration at the start of a project? Our design teams have a variety of tools and technologies at their fingertips… including a well-stocked design cart. This mobile cart jump-starts the design process and is filled with paper, pencils, markers, fidgets, post-its, manipulatives, and books for inspiration. The design cart has everything needed … Continued

2018 Blue Hope Bash Mini-Documentary

For the 2018 Blue Hope Bash, the Colorectal Cancer Alliance’s annual fundraiser, VIVA was engaged to create an opening video that would bring to life the hope that the work of CCA represents. Through a series of design thinking workshops, the VIVA team developed an innovative approach to telling the story of a patient, a … Continued

Watch Our New Event Reel

You asked, we answered! Our design and production teams have been busy working behind closed doors on dozens of events all over the world. While we can’t share everything we’re working on, we’re excited to share an updated event reel. As you can imagine, the work we’ve done is more than we can fit into … Continued

Learning from Renowned Experts

WASHINGTON, DC, October 20, 2018 Congratulations to VIVA team members who are in the last week of a 5-week Specialization in Design Thinking and Innovation. This course, through University of Virginia, is led by Darden’s world-renowned business faculty and incorporates cutting-edge insight from the Batten Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation. This project-based course equips account … Continued

What is Experience Design?

People often ask, “What is experience design?”  To thoughtfully answer this question, we start by answering the question, “What is experience?” Experience is happening to us all the time. Everyday life is an interconnected web of experiences that vary in content, context, and connection. Experiences define our personal and professional lives, relationships, memories, and deep … Continued

The Power of Touch

This innovative thirty-foot-wide kinetic touch wall attracted over 8,000 interactions and tens of thousands of social media impressions over a two-day period. When attendees touched one of twenty-six orange touch points, they joyfully discovered colorful brand stories. Most users interacted with every touchpoint, leading to complete immersion in brand messaging. This project began in our … Continued

Peek into our Design Lab

VIVA’s design lab powers human-centered experience design. It is often the birthplace of our most innovative work. The lab is a collection of multidisciplinary spaces and tools that defy the traditional boundaries between experiential, visual, and digital design. Here, you find imaginative design teams hard at work (and play) as they reframe and solve challenges … Continued

Sky-High Projection Mapping

This was the first-ever 370-foot animated projection mapping by a cruise company on the landmark Miami Intercontinental Hotel. Sky-high animations were projected onto the building facade using ten 20K lumin projectors.  The Miami skyline came alive for one festive week leading up to an extraordinary ship launch event, and the unique projection mapping was seen … Continued