Sky-High Projection Mapping

This was the first-ever 370-foot animated projection mapping by a cruise company on the landmark Miami Intercontinental Hotel. Sky-high animations were projected onto the building facade using ten 20K lumin projectors.  The Miami skyline came alive for one festive week leading up to an extraordinary ship launch event, and the unique projection mapping was seen by tens of thousands of people from air, land, and sea.

This project started in our design lab, where we analyzed what makes projection mapping experiences extraordinary. We learned that audiences most remember projection mapping that creatively uses the underlying form and structure within the art itself. In other words, people delight in innovative interpretations of unusual canvases.

To fully explore creative possibilities, we built a scale model of the Miami Intercontinental Hotel. We embraced rapid prototyping and designed and tested different types of 3D projection mapping stories on the model. We collaborated closely with our client to precisely visualize how the brand story would look and feel on the largest building visible from PortMiami. Together, we worked through the iteration cycle, using an agile process of in-house content creation and testing to ensure a spectacular final result.

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