Peek into our Design Lab

VIVA’s design lab powers human-centered experience design. It is often the birthplace of our most innovative work.

The lab is a collection of multidisciplinary spaces and tools that defy the traditional boundaries between experiential, visual, and digital design. Here, you find imaginative design teams hard at work (and play) as they reframe and solve challenges in unexpected ways.

Our process is informed by Stanford d.school’s design thinking approach, Darden’s design innovation framework, Harvard’s Project Zero, and our own independent research. Our point of view is built on two decades of experience design for global brands.

Our designers explore concepts like movement, material, shape, form, story, journey, relationship, and intersection. Our design lab encourages creative experimentation with new technologies with the potential to amplify human experiences like augmented and virtual reality, 3D printing, sensors, circuits, robotics, drones, wearables and emerging knowledge.

We invite you to join us in the design lab and bring your experience design challenges to our team of experts. Or, bring our design thinking experts to you through a facilitated workshop at your location.