Putting the Interactive in Indeed Interactive

Indeed Interactive is an annual event which brings together human resources professionals, career recruiters, and office culture experts. At 2019’s event, held the Austin Convention Center, VIVA expertly blended nostalgia and tech with the singular goal of attendee interaction. Attendees enjoyed activations such as jelly-bean polls, hashtag-operated vending machines, a coloring book-style mural, group stretch breaks, and a larger than life Plinko board.

Attendees got to test their hiring skills with an Augmented Reality game that took real-time user experience data about hiring variables and matched it to the event’s theme of “Mastering the Variables of Hiring Success.”

VIVA also created multiple Virtual Reality experiences allowing attendees to immerse themselves in a futuristic world as recruiters for various careers.

To earn coveted SWAG items, attendees earned points (collected in the event app) as they interacted throughout the event. Participants then cashed in their points in the SWAG shop at the end of the event.