Sheba Medical Center Interactive Exhibit

Sheba Medical Center, just outside of Tel Aviv, Israel, is the leading medical center in the Middle East.  In 2019, Newsweek magazine ranked Sheba on their prestigious list of top ten hospitals worldwide.

VIVA Creative partnered with Red Banyan Communications and Sheba Medical Center to create an interactive exhibit highlighting the incredible facilities, along with the incredible staff that make up Sheba “The City of Health.”

VIVA’s digital experience team designed and executed an augmented reality experience that offers attendees eight in depth interactive videos featuring Sheba’s ARC center, a revolutionary medical innovation accelerator.  Our live events team was integral in executing a series of live surgical demonstrations performed by Sheba’s Field Hospital Unit and our digital interactive crew created an eighty-inch touch screen map highlighting the many facilities across the expansive campus.

VIVA’s motion graphics artists created video content for a 20-foot 360-degree LED screen drawing attendees to the exhibit.  We also produced a short film highlighting the incredible work that Sheba’s Disaster Response team orchestrates around the globe.  When disaster strikes, Sheba is there to help and VIVA’s film touched on everything from global outbreaks, including the Corona Virus pandemic, to the deployment of a comprehensive field hospital in response to the devastating earthquake that struck Haiti in 2010.

The Sheba exhibit’s debut event took place at the 2020 AIPAC policy conference and was visited by thousands of attendees over the course of the three days.