VIVA Drives to the Top with Audi progress

How does Audi drive straight to the top of its industry? The recognizable car brand focuses on sharing stories of community, new products, and future technologies through the eyes and ears of its employees.

While the collection of stories was present, the marketing challenge is to develop an internal communication vehicle — so to speak — that performs as well as Audi cars do for its customers. Cue Audi progress, a microsite for vehicle dealer and internal communications for Audi USA.

This microsite for Audi, a subsidiary of Volkswagen, began in 2013 and was developed by VIVA Creative, an experiential marketing agency in Rockville.

“VIVA has worked to make … Audi progress … an effective way for Audi [USA] to reach the entire Audi family, dealerships, employees, and affiliated organizations all at once,” creative strategist Greg Smith said. “It’s a great way for them to share accomplishments, recent news, [and more].”

With VIVA’s trademark blend of speed and high quality talent, today’s site includes news from dealerships in the United States and spotlight videos and photos of positive community efforts from Audi employees. The color-branded microsite also offers up-to-date content from area directors, as users pick, choose, and search for information in a range of different formats.

“We became experts … on the technology and features used within the cars,” VIVA producer/director Justin Toops said. “That shows in the videos and [content] that we produce. Any internal communication needs to feel like it’s coming in the voice and brand of the Audi — and that is an expectation that VIVA has excelled at for over 6 years.”

The original goal of the project was to use the model, a hosted studio news set-up, of the internal microsite from Audi Germany. As years went on and goals shifted, the access-only site evolved into its own enterprise with the help of VIVA’s variety of quality services and expertise.

“VIVA was chosen [over multiple other agencies] for its vast experience with internal communication messaging, in-house video and web capabilities, and strong client relationship management,” Justin said. “We do it all in house, which is rare for a marketing agency.”

After the success of Audi progress to date, VIVA is looking to take the microsite to the next level as the only source of internal communication for Audi USA, VIVA producer Ilayda Kocak said.

As the name aptly suggests, this project is set to be one of VIVA’s most long-standing, successful endeavors. Long-term goals for the project are underway, as VIVA looks to provide more content creation and digital marketing for the regional dealers.