What is Experience Design?

People often ask, “What is experience design?”  To thoughtfully answer this question, we start by answering the question, “What is experience?”

Experience is happening to us all the time. Everyday life is an interconnected web of experiences that vary in content, context, and connection. Experiences define our personal and professional lives, relationships, memories, and deep inner worlds.  This ‘stream of experiences’ intertwines with what we think, feel, and do in every moment of life.

Yet, all experiences are not created equal. Some experiences blend together, day after day. Others stand out, leaving a permanent impression on our lives.

Why are some experiences more extraordinary than others? Researchers across disciplines have studied why some experiences just stick. The answer may be simpler than you expect.

Research suggests that the most memorable experiences share three common traits:

  • The feeling of being lifted out of the ordinary
  • Thought-provoking insight that shapes the way we see the world
  • A deep sense of connection to something greater than self

We’ve spent almost two decades creating experiences that move people. We’ve learned that exceptional experiences rarely create themselves. They are intentionally designed, curated, and created to deliver the extraordinary, inspire new thinking, and forge powerful connections.

We view experience as the language of life, and “experience design” is the intentional creation of the moments that matter most. Our design lab is the hub of our world-class experience design team. Here, we take an integrated look at the web of human experiences. We explore and question what people think, feel, and do because of the experiences that make up their lives. Then, we translate our depth of knowledge, experience, and inquiry into extraordinary brand experiences that leave a lasting impression on your audience.