AIPAC - Policy Conference 2016

Policy Conference 2016



Plan and produce the most influential event in Washington, DC attended by 16,000+ people, including congressmen, senators, and world leaders. Through flawless production and storytelling, motivate conference attendees to deepen their commitment to the relationship between the United States and Israel. Engage attendees in opportunities to lobby members of Congress and raise money for the AIPAC organization’s core mission.


For over 9 years, VIVA has worked with AIPAC on the Policy Conference in Washington, DC. In 2016, we helped to design, develop and deliver an inspirational and immersive 4-day experience to a record 18,000+ attendees in multiple venues, including the Verizon Center. Through storytelling, design, innovative content, and flawless audio/visual production, we achieved record-breaking engagement.

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