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AIPAC, who works to strengthen the ties between Israel and the United States, charged VIVA with developing and delivering an exciting and immersive experience for their Policy Conference 2013. VIVAs approach was to marry cohesive event design to engaging presentations, interactivity and performances. Execution began with aggressive pre-conference communications coupled with the development of the "Shaping Tomorrow Together" AIPAC Policy Conference mobile application, extended through the engaging and thought-provoking conference and was highlighted by the "Israel:360" installation in the AIPAC Village. This installation, through huge high-definition video screens and panoramic photos, allowed users to navigate historic and strategic locations in Israel with simple hand gestures. With a record 15,000 guests in attendance, Policy Conference 2013 was a huge success. VIVA was able to successfully align itself with AIPAC's goal to raise awareness about the importance of the relationship between israel and the U.S. through engaging and immersive content.

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