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The Killing


When AMC TV asked VIVA Creative to work together on creating a unique, highly creative digital activation online for its highly rated television show The Killing, the result was Rosie’s Room, a fully interactive experience unlike any other. VIVA Creative’s solution was to support the premier season of the “whodunit” program with an engaging, interactive online extension of the show. To enhance the mystery already taking place on the program, VIVA Creative immersed the viewer in the actual setting of the show, and let online participants investigate clues 24-7 in the private room of the victim, where users searched for clues, shared their experience and sleuthing with other users on social media and message boards, and pieced together their own theories on the who the culprit might be.

The detail within The Killing’s online universe was taken directly from the original set, filmed on a sound stage and even used the right props to enhance the experience. Immersing the audience in a complete, content-rich online experience was a breakthrough for AMC TV, and its partner, VIVA Creative.

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