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The Walking Dead


Seeking to enhance the viewer’s engagement with The Walking Dead, one of television’s most popular shows, AMC TV and VIVA Creative collaborated on a truly unique second screen experience. Working in tandem with the show’s producers, VIVA Creative’s approach was to extend the show experience by helping the audience dive deeper into the content. Leveraging interactive methods such as capping a dramatic on-screen scene with an online question brought the viewer into the action, and in the process produced a whole new dimension to the viewing experience. Message boards allowed audience members to connect directly with other people watching, discuss the storylines and plot twists, enjoy extra show details and full engage with the Walking Dead phenomenon.

In modifying a viewer’s engagement with the action on the screen, VIVA Creative and AMC TV transformed the viewing experience from a mostly passive to a highly active one. In serving up an unlimited story in unlimited variations, that experience was different every time and endless in its possibilities. In total, VIVA Creative supported AMC’s interest in pushing an incredible zombie apocalypse beyond the screen and into viewer’s very homes.

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