Cassidy Turley - Flying in Formation

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Flying in Formation

Cassidy Turley

Cassidy Turley had just completed an acquisition and added hundreds of employees before their National Leadership Conference. The theme “Flying in Formation” captured the company’s focus on operating as one strong team across the nation. To kick off the meeting, VIVA produced a dynamite opening session in which Cassidy Turley’s CEO emerged from a plane to make his opening speech. Other top Cassidy Turley execs also dressed as pilots and pumped up the attendees. VIVA produced all elements of the live meeting and created supporting thematic graphics, videos, and presentations. We also coordinated a motivational speech by a former Blue Angel pilot and peppered his speech with widescreen footage from his days flying F-18 jets for the Blue Angels. Our team led the strategy, development, and design of executive presentations and provided one-to-one executive speech coaching to ensure that presentations were unforgettable.

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