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Mirvaso Launch


In 2013, the dermatology specialist Galderma partnered with VIVA Creative to produce a dynamic, engaging and memorable product launch for its newly FDA approved dermatology drug Mirvaso. Working in conjunction with Galderma's global marketing team, we developed a conference theme and a conference brand that represented the image Galderma wanted to project: "First and Fast." The essence of the theme reflected both the product being launched and the sales force launching it, and it captured the excitement of the company’s bright horizon.

VIVA Creative produced a unique, thematically focused opening video that highlighted management in a creative, surprising way, producing tremendous energy among attendees. We also incorporated the conference theme across print graphics and set design to brand the meeting space, via custom mobile app and a webcast that reached global affiliates in all corners of the world. VIVA Creative leveraged its professional and consumer message testing, its talent, and its insights to produce a product launch second to none.

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