Thomson Reuters - 2013 Leadership Conference

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2013 Leadership Conference

Thomson Reuters

Thomson Reuters is the world's leading source of intelligent information for businesses. The company holds an annual leadership meeting for its top executives where collaboration on company strategy is critical. They needed a robust technology to enable real-time interaction like never before.

VIVA's digital innovation team developed a custom mobile application that executives used prior, during, and after the meeting. In addition to standard event app features, it provided constant two-way communication, streaming video, interactive word-clouds, and dynamic content that changed based on user input. Real-time collaboration could be immediately visualized on large projection screens. A key feature called “My Commitments” enabled users to make a pledge to the CEO. At the end of each presentation, users could rate the presenter, the value of the content, and provide comments that presenters could see in real time to gauge the effectiveness of their message.

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