5 Traits of Great Event Teams

It’s been said that “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” What happens if you pick a profession where you must go far and fast?

Designing and producing large-scale live events requires a special kind of teamwork. In this post, we share some key traits of great event teams.

Creative Collaboration.

Large events require collaboration with big teams of diverse people with different perspectives. On any given day, you’ll work with executives, government officials, subject matter experts, vendors, suppliers, talent, artists, sponsors, law enforcement, co-workers, or attendees. Successful teams embrace different points of view with open mindedness, curiosity, and genuine listening – the hallmarks of creative collaboration.

Clear Communication.

Clear, transparent, and respectful communication starts with sharing vision, goals, and success metrics with all members of the project team. Clarity sets the groundwork for trust, confidence, and decisiveness. Large events require proactive communication, including sharing institutional knowledge to help teams understand culture, context, process, and decision-making. When teams are clear, they can be more creative, flexible, responsive, and calm under pressure.

Extreme Attention to Detail.

Measure twice, cut once. If planning is smart and thorough, flawless execution will follow. Large events require the ability to focus on the big picture while keeping track of all the details. You must juggle several things while not dropping a single ball. The best teams employ foolproof systems, checklists, and best in class technologies to stay attuned to every detail.

Innovative Problem Solving.

No matter how well you plan your large event, something will go different than you expected. By setting the stage with creative collaboration and clear communication, you are poised for innovative problem solving. If you hit an obstacle, you will create doors where others see walls. You will be quick to draw on your team’s collective talents and expertise to re-frame, re-think, and re-interpret situations to solve problems in real time. Whether it’s finding a way to re-print signage, re-write entertainment numbers, or adjust the agenda, you’ll be a resourceful problem solver.

Work Hard & Have Fun.

Large event teams work long days and nights under tight deadlines and intense pressure. We do whatever is needed to get the job done, cleaning up messes and putting out fires — quickly, quietly, and efficiently. The best teams are mentally and physically prepared to put in long hours with dedicated hard work. With that said, the greatest teams remember to have fun by keeping a sense of humor, playful energy, and celebrating the small successes every day.