Introducing Chef Cassie!

Can what we eat inspire curiosity and creativity?

We think so! That’s why Chef Cassie Sargent joined VIVA, to unleash her creative passion for cooking in our offices and for our clients.

After spending the past few years traveling around the country working on her craft, and building experience in independent restaurants and hotels, we are pleased to welcome Cassie to our team! Hailing from Wisconsin, and classically trained as a chef at Le Cordon Bleu, Cassie will be cooking up creative culinary surprises and delights throughout the week.

When recently asked what food means to her, Cassie explains:

“It’s true that food is one of our basic human needs, but it can also be so much more. I like to think of food as part of an experience. It should tingle the senses, make you smile, bring back sweet nostalgia and make your eyes pop with surprise. I love the creative process behind food, questioning ‘will this evoke some of those emotions from the people eating it?’ It’s not just about cooking, it’s embracing the whole process, the snapshots of how you want something to look, the napkin doodles, the book research, taking pictures out and about that spark you to create something memorable. Then to be able to turn that into something that is not only sustenance but an overall journey from start to finish — I think that’s really special.”

Stay tuned for pictures of Chef Cassie’s delicious creations.