VIVA Creative Launches Design Labs, Spaces for the Future of Brand Experiences

WASHINGTON, May 7, 2017 — VIVA Creative (, a global experiential marketing agency, launched its new Design Labs, a collection of multidisciplinary spaces and tools that defy the traditional boundaries between experiential, visual, and digital design.

The Design Labs are open environments for collaboration, with a full range of tools and technologies for designers to explore the intersection between creativity and technology.

“Our Design Labs encourage creative experimentation with new technologies with the potential to amplify human experiences like augmented and virtual reality, 3D printing, sensors, circuits, robotics, drones, wearables and emerging tools,” says Lorne Greene, VIVA’s CEO.

VIVA made a significant investment in the Design Labs to enable its imaginative design teams to create extraordinary brand experiences. In addition to technology resources, the Design Labs are equipped with mobile inspiration carts, white boards, ideation tools, design thinking canvases, mobile computing devices, and physical manipulatives to ignite creative thinking.

The Design Labs are a place where interdisciplinary teams explore concepts like movement, material, shape, scale, form, story, journey, relationship, content, and context.

Ideas generated in the Design Labs move to a testing phase where they are simulated, modeled, visualized, or prototyped.

“The Design Labs are not just a resource for VIVA’s internal teams, but also a place where our clients explore how the intersection of creativity and technology can help them achieve impressive business outcomes,” said VIVA founder, Emily Greene. “We invite clients to join us in the design process as we co-create the future of brand experiences together.”

About VIVA

VIVA is a global creative agency based in the Washington, D.C., area. Since 2001, we’ve specialized in creating connected brand experiences that build meaningful relationships between brands and people. Our team delivers brand strategy, design and production across experiential, content, and digital marketing. We service a worldwide client base.

EMILY GREENE, President VIVA Creative