VIVA Spotlights Sound Specialist Elijah Kang

Elijah Kang’s passion is working with talented artists. He strives to mold a personal, authentic sound for each musician. Today, he uses his creative musiciality to create organic experiences for global audiences.

An energetic graduate of the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, Elijah studied music production and engineering. He then became head studio engineer for multiple recording studios in the city, working with artists in the studio and on stage.

After a big career move, Elijah is celebrating 6 years at VIVA Creative as the only sound specialist for our experiential marketing agency in Rockville.

“We’re a marketing agency with a big live events component, so if anything has a sound, it goes through me,” he said. “I do all the post-production audio for all the videos we do, all the ads we make. I do all the production audio for the live aspect of it, as well.”

As a reliable one-man show, Elijah’s skill set varies from music direction and VOG recordings to sounds for virtual and augmented reality and ADR (automated dialogue replacement) — and that’s scratching the surface of his abilities.

“Sometimes, I have to design sounds for stuff that doesn’t exist … like 3D [graphics],” he laughs.

He brings our clients’ countdown clocks, documentaries, television commercials, apps, and online videos to life. Yet, figuring out an exact sound is only part of the job.

At VIVA, it’s not just, “see a cat, hear a cat,” as Elijah puts it.

“The application of sound design or music or audio … is, at the moment, a culmination of everything you’ve experienced,” he explains. “What do I feel? What is appropriate? Who is going to be looking at it? Where [is it going to be]? What is the playback going to be?”

He first considers how an audience perceives something will sound. He then thinks about the screen size, venue size and location, delivery system (social media, live, etc.), client expectations, and more.

For Elijah, it’s about complementing the storytelling through musicality and production techniques.

“Good audio is going to be good audio wherever you go,” he said. “It’s … a matter of applying it. You never really notice a good, because if he did his job right, you’re experiencing it.”

Because “we want to tell a specific story on screen,” each project is highly specialized and unique. Elijah mixes engineering, music production, mastering, and a sheer passion for audio to create an incredible experience, blurring the lines between your innate sense of hearing and manufactured harmony.