Case Study

Mary Kay Seminar

Expert Crowd Management

The Mary Kay Seminar is a much-anticipated annual event held for their nationwide sales force. Each summer, 40,000 team members from all over the world arrive in Dallas for this three-day extravaganza to network, learn, and be recognized for their hard work. Because it’s such a desirable event for the Mary Kay family, it is broken up into four waves and held four different times to accommodate everyone.

performer on stage at cosmetics conference

Setting the Stage

2019 marked the last year of a three-year staging concept where the stage and set were designed to transform and evolve from one year to the next for a truly memorable experience. This year VIVA Creative designed LED columns for center stage, wide screen outboards, a custom satellite stage, and a specially designed “halo” which helped change the set throughout the event.

dramatic staging design for cosmetics seminar

Entertain, Reset, Repeat

We’re proud to say that VIVA provided production support for eight, larger-than-life performances which included aerialists, slack line artists, dancers, and vocalists. Even more extraordinary is that we repeated the spectacle seamlessly four different times for 10,000 attendees each time.

Pink stage for Mary Kay Seminar