Case Study

The Oprah Conversation

The Challenge

Personal and intimate dialogue is at the heart of Oprah Winfrey’s Apple TV+ series, The Oprah Conversation. But how do you create the spontaneity of one-on-one discussions when you can’t be together in person?

Oprah and Mariah Carey talking

The Virtual Production Solution

Our team worked with Ms. Winfrey as her virtual production partner, designing multiple approaches to facilitate intimate conversation with a wide array of guests from Mariah Carey and Matthew McConaughey to Dolly Parton and President Obama.

For Ms. Winfrey’s conversation with Emmanuel Acho, VIVA designed two identical sets in an approach recognized by Hollywood Reporter as “an environment that dovetails perfectly with the remote communication age.” On set, technology disappeared and conversation occurred in an organic and meaningful way.

Virtual production set up for Oprah

One Step Further

We pushed the envelope for the conversation between Oprah and President Obama with an approach designed to feel as if they were seated fireside in Oprah’s home. With Oprah in California and President Obama in Washington, DC, we used live green screen technology to bring them together in real time for discussion of the President’s new memoir, “A Promised Land.”

Oprah interviewing Obama on green screen